You Let Her Go

She loved you and you took her for granted,thinking she’d stay forever.And now you’re looking for her bubbly voice and her cheerful smile.You’re looking for her sweet presence  and gentle touch.You let her go and you don’t know why

Why You Love Me?

Sweet and short like chocolate


From Story Of Us

And now the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now…

Portrait of Dust

Old friends, acquaintances.
I wonder,
What happened
Between me and you?
I hope you do well
With the life of your own.

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Now That You’re Gone

I stare at the antique grandfather clock in the living room.The sun was setting and the rays passed throught the window half-coveredĀ  by the blinds.It was like this when you and I met again in the park near the oak tree.

We haven’t met since graduation and when I saw you,you were still beautiful.I saw your mellow grass green eyes and your golden yellow hair of gold.Those thin kissable scarlet red lips were your greatest asset.

I used to remember how we held hands as we walked together.Your sweet kisses of love made me love you and your smile was the very light of my life but

Now that you’re gone

I feel lost.

PS: Sorry if it’s too short.

Queen of Hearts



We all have wishes.

We pretty much believe in all that shooting star and wishing well magic.

We either toss a coin into the air and hope for the best as it falls into the deep water or close our eyes as that star passes by.We have a lot of things to wish about like luckin the lottery,a happy family,a new lovelife and etc.

We also wish for things that,sometimes,can’t be granted and find ourseleves asking why it wasn’t.Many questions come into mind like “Was it too much to ask for?” and etc.Then all of a sudden,we start to doubt in wishes and start to lose faith in them

As a child,I remember that we had a saying in the Philippines that whenever you go to a new church,you have three wishes that you can ask for.Genie much?.I just followed since I was really very religious and I had nohing to lose.

Right now,I believe that my wish would come and I hope we never lose hope in wishes because wishes are the ones that give us hope.Wishes are like the electricity in a lightbulb without it there would be no hope.